The Organization Of Buhari Campaign Group Said Buhari Has Not Declare Ambition

The organization of Buhari
The Organization of Buhari has clearly stated that the intention for President MuhammadBuhari is still in secrecy against the presidency in 2019. The Deputy Director of Buhari Campaign Organization, Ayo Oyalowo, said this yesterday while on Channels TV. Unlike the controversies that were breached by the Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Development, Aisha Alhassan, Oyalowo, mentioned that there was no reason to disturb whether the President would re-elect when the Independent National Electoral Commission has banned the campaign. “People are just naughty, there was no reason for the president to tell us what will happen in 2019.” “He challenged in 2015, he won an election, he still has his mandate. If he wants to run again, INEC will ban his thoughts when the INEC election ban is forbidden. Why are people trying to be naughty so that they can put the man in a tight corner? “he asked. Oyalowo noted that Buhari never told anyone he would contest and added that the president told nobody that he would compete. He said, “Let me make it clear, at least to the extent that I know that President Buhari has never told him to do one term.”

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